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Hub and Spoke with BGP

In my previous post, we saw the theory behind hub-and-spoke VPN. We saw how H/S involves multiple VRFs with cross-importation between them, and we traced the basic flow of a route advertised from one spoke to another. Next, we...

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Hub and Spoke VPN Part 1

One of the JNCIE-SP exam objectives I found difficult was hub and spoke VPN. Conceptually it’s not easy, and as is often the case, the documentation is only somewhat helpful. This series of posts is designed to walk you through...

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JNCIE-SP Experience

This is a follow-up to my previous post on the JNCIE-SP exam. Some thoughts about the experience of taking the JNCIE exam, especially versus Cisco: The JNCIE exam has a much more relaxed feel to it. When I took my CCIEs (2004...

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Passed JNCIE-SP: Initial Thoughts

Back to the blog, now that the JNCIE-SP is finished. I got #2332. The last time I did an expert-level exam was 2008, and I forgot just how challenging it is. I passed my JNCIP in June and it took me until November, working...

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