I’m a nostalgic type–it’s always enjoyable to reminisce on the past.  When we reminisce about networks, I call it NetStalgia.  This page collects the articles I’ve written on networking in the past.  From Apple II BBS’s to 10Base-2, this is the page for a walk down memory lane.  Aside from entertainment, I believe it’s important for network engineers to learn from the past.


How not to do Internet Connectivity–“Can you log off so I can check my email?!”
Bad Timing–When words don’t mean the same thing to everyone
Vintage DDOS–How we handled DDOS before firewalls and RFC1918
Before the Internet:  The Bulletin Board System  II–Screenshot demo of a working Apple II GBBS
Before the Internet:  The Bulletin Board System–How we did networking before networking
Moving Carpets for $2000–And satellite latency
Moscone Microwave–What happens when a convention center blocks your microwave
A Passive Star–How we did AppleTalk networking with single-pair phone wire