This is my first post on this blog which I created some time ago and have left dormant.  Give that there are about twice as many blogs as people, it would seem best to start out with a statement of my purpose and intent.

Before that, a little background:  I currently work for Juniper Networks, although I don’t claim to speak for them.  I am responsible for network architecture within IT, which gives a unique perspective since I am both a customer and a vendor.  I’ve been working in this industry for over 15 years, although my history with computers goes back farther than that.  I hold dual CCIE certifications in Routing/Switching and Security, and an M.S. in Telecommunications Management.  Non-technical credentials:  I hold an FAA Private Pilot’s certificate, I have studied and taught Ancient Greek and Latin.

My hope is to provide several types of articles here.   I specialize in communicating technical concepts in simple and direct language, so I will be breaking down difficult technical subjects for my readers, focusing particularly on subjects that frustrate me.  (Don’t get me started on MSTP).  I will also provide frank commentary on the industry, its trends, and on training and certification.  I will also augment this with stories from my years as a network engineer that hopefully will keep things entertaining.  Finally I hope my language and humanities experience will lend some interesting color to this site so that it is not just another tech blog.