Ah, the joys of being an “expert.”  I had forgotten what happens after you pass an exam like the JNCIE.  One of my colleagues starts grilling me on various topics for which I am unprepared, since they weren’t covered on the exam.  MX architecture, MC-LAG, MX virtual chassis, etc.  Be careful what you wish for.  The second you put “expert” on your title some people will take it as a challenge.  Of course, being in a very non-hands-on position, I am not an expert in many of the things day-to-day engineers know quite well.  I certainly know the topics on the test.  Then again, having obtained a CCIE 10 years ago, I know better than to start parading myself around as an expert on anything.  The JNCIE number goes on the blog and the bottom of my LinkedIn, but I am not putting it in my email signature.  Meanwhile, time to start reading Doug Hanks’ book on MX architecture!