6 comments on “A CCIE Goes Home to Cisco

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  2. Thank you for sharing your story, Jeff, was really interesting to read.
    (even if I have no plans to pass CCIE ever)

  3. Hey ….first of all thank you so much for writing such great posts…..

    its my lucky day i landed your site(I was looking for some TAC cases on google)

    from your post (i nearly read all in TAC CASES) , for SURE you are one Great Person out there …

    i also wants same thing as you have described in your posts.

    CCIE–>TAC —> big Networks —–>(MONEY 😉 )

    i Just get amazed reading your post , felt like i was there with you…

    Thanks again for writing such Great Post ….Hope for More TAC cases & posts….

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