7 comments on “TAC Tales #13: All Zeros

  1. Thanks for the articles. Went almost through all of the tales and they are excellent example!
    As a person being there currently in a technology I have never seen before (uc part) this job can teach you a lot and it is challenging , but at the same time is very stressful at least for me.

    When a priority case comes , you don’t even have time to open a doc or research, if you are a completely new guy that is mandatory,since you still do not know how to walk.

    • Thanks Nikolay! It’s a tough job, especially when working on a new technology. I experienced that myself when I went to service provider since I had never touched GSR, MPLS, etc. Good luck!

  2. I read your article “In Praise of Vendor Lock-In” before this one, and now I understand why vendor lock-in could be a blessing both for a TAC engineer, and for the customer !

  3. The heart stroke ” Often a major outage sends you in a lot of directions and down many rat holes.” Love it

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