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    • Hey, well, that’s one third of my readership so I better be careful what I do 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback. I wasn’t sure if people were using RSS. I’ll keep cross-posting for the indefinite future. Maybe I can figure out the APIs to do it in an automated way. Substack is easier to manage but I don’t think they’ll support RSS as it would break their model.

  1. And now you have four regular readers 😉

    I totally agree a well-made video could explain some intricate concepts (example: packet walks, header rewrites) much better than text, and a picture is still worth a thousand words, but unfortunately one rarely gets that level of quality within the current barrage of videos due to the high production costs (even if that’s only time spent on the video) that you mentioned.

    • Oh wow, the Ivan Peplnjak himself, I’m humbled 🙂

      That’s a fair point, and I did note that point in your article as well. (And when I was first trying to figure out what the hell “SDN” meant, I spent a lot of time going through your webinars which are a good example of quality videos.) And your point in the article about steam-of-consciousness type videos is an excellent one as well. These are becoming common and yet they are far less helpful than written content. That’s why I bought a teleprompter to do the video series I’m working on. Even though it’s in a conversational tone, I wanted to write and revise a script before recording. Now if I can just find the time to edit them…

  2. +1 for RSS, coming from another regular reader here 🙂

    I do seem to have the same issue. Been bloging for 7 years now, but started doing YouTube a year or so ago. YouTube is much easier to get views & interaction, but at the same time I’ve seen a big uptick in traffic to my blog coming from my videos. Trying to put out complimentary pieces, where the blog goes into more detail than the video, but the video does a better job of demonstrating certain things. To your point though, man do videos take FOREVER to create… I think I’m at ~15-30 hours per video.

    I’m also curious about your video technical public speaking course? Where might someone find that?

    Thanks for continuing to write!

    • Thanks for letting me know about the RSS. More readers doing that than I realized.

      Ah the technical public speaking videos… Let me tell the story.

      After I got Hall of Fame Distinguished Speaker at Cisco Live, I really wanted to do a video series on how to speak well. I found that there are a lot of great public speaking courses, but they’re all written and taught by non-technical people. I wanted to make a series on how to break down technical concepts. I had the idea to do this against a green screen with a simple background. Initially I attempted this with a rollup green screen and a webcam. It didn’t work at all. Over a period of a couple months, I started buying more and more video equipment, until I had a full studio with all kinds of lighting, a huge green screen, a high-end camera, wireless microphones, a new iMac, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and even a teleprompter. I went a little nuts, any my wife was annoyed, but hey, COVID.

      I edited maybe three of the videos and got bored with it, and I wasn’t sure the content was what I was hoping for. I also wasn’t sure anyone was interested. I really should get back to it, I wasted a lot of money. Maybe your comment is a good nudge to get back into it. 🙂

      • That video series would definitely be worth producing, and if just a few people get something from it we’d live in a better world (considering some of the presentations I had to endure). Looking forward to it 😉

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