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  1. Hi Jeff,
    me and my friend Christian were the two attenders you spoke to in Barcelona

    I remember that moment very well, as we had nothing to say but thanking you and sharing our appreciation for your sessions. It makes me smile thinking back to that moment of mutual embarrassment, but we came forward moved by the conviction that providing an appreciation, and in any case a very positive feedback, would have pleased you. And apparently so it was.

    Thinking about why we have followed your session many times, and the fact that we have always considered it the culmination of our ciscolive, I can explain it only with a musical comparison: almost everyone has a singer and a favorite song, always present in their playlists.
    We know every word and every note but despite this, we do not miss the opportunity to attend a live performance, the ability to watch live and capture many of the things that a video or a recording you can not grasp from, and learn this too.

    networking is not only made of protocols and numbers, but above all by people who love what they do and as in your case, have the ability to transmit passion and knowledge with simplicity and clarity. in a word: perfection.

    We also took a couple of photos of that moment, and thinking back to how the world changed immediately after, with covid and all the changes it brought, makes that moment even more meaningful.

    welcome back jeff and welcome back ciscolive. We hope to be able to attend your first keynote soon, because you deserve it, but in reality we aim for sessions with 50 participants, certainly selected and who share the same passion, and the same unchanged search for continuous improvement.

    thank you
    nicola ccie #19119 jncie #986 & Christian ccie #39837

  2. A bit late (like really late!) in my reply, but thanks for the kind words. Perhaps I’ll do a keynote some day, but I really like doing technical sessions more. I hope as and if my career advances, I don’t lose touch with the technical audiences!

  3. I took part in the yesterday webminar “The CCIE in an SDN world.” fr the CCIE crowd.

    I have been working as a network engineer for a big automation projects for 15+ years.
    The project is aimed to automate big systems (up 15k devices including routers, fw etc) and is a part of the product we deliver and maintain.
    Our team of 30 people includes network engineers and real developers.
    Network guys just do PoC work and do some automation stuff like templates BUT the application logic and workflow is a part of developers job.
    We engineers are pretty busy. So we are not afraid of loosing jobs. But the developers do their stuff without deep knowledge about networks. This works perfectly – we follow regular CI/CD processes as we are simply software manufacture from the sw perspective.

    I wanted to emphasize that the automation does not affect our jobs – it simply enriches our profession.

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