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In my first article in the “Ten Years a CCIE” series, I discuss the mystique of the CCIE certification which made me want to attempt the test.

Learning about the CCIE

My first vague awareness of the CCIE certification came in 1999 while I was a Master’s student in Telecommunications Management at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. A family friend was staying at my father’s house, an instructor in the PhD program in telecommunications at the University of Idaho. I was excited to meet him because I was thinking of pursuing further graduate studies, but I was a bit surprised when I told him of my ambitions to be a network engineer, and of my coursework at GGU. He told me not to waste my time in a graduate program if I wanted to be a network engineer. “You should get a Cisco certification instead,” he said, “they’re gold.” A disappointing comment, seeing that I was in my second year of the Masters program, but I kept it in mind and completed my degree. Continue Reading