7 comments on “TAC Tales #20: Crash, burn, and exit

  1. I loved reading this tale, Jeff. I learned some new things from this article and laughed at Spanish translater trying to translate – “there was a CEF bug causing bad data to be placed into the queue on the RP”.

    You are an inspiration to all of us, Jeff !!

  2. Ah the CEF bugs! Thanks for that painful memory! The DDTS that I filed had been duped, and duped and duped again and even resolved and unresolved many times. I moved out of TAC into business operations in 2007-2019 and got calls on that DDTS probably all the way to the end.

    • Thanks for stopping by Brent! CEF was, of course, a great invention but also a source of quite a few headaches back then. Thankfully I don’t get calls on any of my old bugs now 🙂

  3. I remember this Latam customer very clearly. Nice folks with an often overloaded network! I also remember all the issues they initially and constantly had with the 7513 back pressure and the infamous CEf bugs… man those were the days! They had their own share of stress but were so fun and full of learning.

    • I distinctly remember leaving on a Friday afternoon after you had taken your second Friday @ 5:55PM P1 in a row from them… I felt so bad and you were none too happy about it. As I recall you visited them too once upon a time. Thanks for stopping by Edgar!

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