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  1. I came to the site for technical info and came across this great post.

    There is a entire book devoted to this subject “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”. I have not read but heard the authors on a podcast years ago. Some of the takeaways were that managers need to be aware of this other personality type and create an environment in which they can succeed.

    Introverts enjoy social interaction but it tires them so it needs to be limited. They need quiet spaces to work effectively. They need an environment where they can speak up without having to compete for attention.

    Unfortunately society rewards this outgoing, aggressive behavior (think Dale Carnegie). It makes introverts feel inadequate, as if there is something wrong with them. As you correctly pointed out, the best way to increase awareness so that companies/managers can maximize the benefit of all workers.

    • Thanks… A couple things:

      1. I’m familiar with the book “Quiet”. As I suspected when it came out, there was a lot of noise 🙂 about it, it was pushed in leadership meetings, everyone got excited, and nothing changed. The nature of Type A’s and the nature of the corporate world make it hard to have any kind of meaningful change, at least without clear direction from the top along with discrete goals for leaders.
      2. I actually benefitted immensely from Dale Carnegie’s book and I did an 8 week course as well. This is much to my surprise as I generally hate that sort of self-help book. The title of his famous book (How to Win Friends and Influence People) sounds horribly cynical, but the general idea of it is that to get anything done you need to think in terms of other people’s interests and not your own. Some of the advice is a bit stupid, but a lot of it is quite helpful. The course started me on my road to being a successful public speaker. As I said, I think Type A’s and Type B’s each need to know the limitations of their own personality type and work against those limitations. In my own case being too introverted was causing me problems. In the case of a Type A, being too aggressive is.

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