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A lot of the blog posts I write begin with “I’m just too busy to blog these days!”  Luckily, I have dozens of drafts so often blogging is just a question of cleaning up something I wrote a long time ago.  However, I’d like to keep things up here even as life becomes more hectic here at Cisco.  (I don’t know how things can get more hectic but they seem to each day!)

I don’t have many comments on this blog.  I think this is largely due to the fact that most of my readers are spambots.  However, I know there are a few out there who actually read and enjoy some of the posts.  For years I’ve required users to enter a name and email address to post a comment, and while many users just fill out fake information there, I’ve always thought it kept spam down.  This policy probably keeps genuine comments low too.  So, I’ve flipped the setting to allow anonymous comments.  I’ll test it for a few days, and if the spam is out of control I’ll flip it back.  My spam filtering software gets the vast majority of spam comments, so I hope it will continue to do its job with anonymous commenting.

The performance on this blog is also slow.  I’m looking at moving to a more fully managed offering from my hosting provider since I don’t have time to muck around with WordPress trying to get it faster.  I also need to get a certificate installed because people aren’t as happy with un-secure web sites these days.

So, a few things going on here!